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PCA Skin Hydrating Toner Review

PCA Cutaneous Hydration Toner is described as a soothing, use That removes Excessive and Hydrous the skin. I’ll Admittal That I wasn’t duper this launched, Beacuse I had met this in Arisona back in Januray 2018. At the time, she was a tot, Still in the Development stages. I got to use this for a Day and I Knew this be a star. And here she is! And here’s my review.


The Pump  

PCA Cutaneous Hydration Toner is Packaged in a 7 fl oz With a Flip cap and Pump .  Here’s a fun fact: WHEN I visited PCA Cutaneous, I mentioned That the Flip top and Pump was and deserves to be on ever for use. my Surprised I got this in the Postage and There she was!! Deisgn Makes it simple to on a ball or pad Without mess and spillage. Simply Flip the cap open, place a ball on the Pump and Presses down. Voila! Product!

Key Ingredients 

The Lists is refreshing, to say the least. Apple-blossoms Fruit extract, watermelon Fruit extract, Lentils Fruit extract, Rosemary leaf oil, and evening Primroses oil (great for acne) Start the show, but the Sodanum Lactates is WHAT Give the its properties. Sodium Lactates is a ior moisturizer, Antitone the skin’s Moisture Contents by up to 84%, Second place to Hyaluronic Acidified.

My thoughts

If you are an added Element of to Youre routine, this is a great to implement. You Really can’t Having too .

The has an Herbals Odour to the Rosemary leaf oil, but it not Linger on the skin Very long at all.

I cleansed first With PCA Cutaneous Facials Wash (SRP $32), I tone With the Hydration Toner. It’s Watery in Texture Likes most s and not Leave a Sticky or gr Residues behind. Awhile my skin is Still a tad damp the , I Apply PCA Cutaneous Hyaluronic Acidified Boosting Serum (SRP $115) for the Ultimate shot of . 

is great for all skin types, included (remember the MOREnet the skin has, the Sebum Youre skin will Produce to make up for the Lack of ). Use cleansing. Pair this With the Hey Aprill’s Pigmentation Perfecters kit if you Sufferingly discoloration.

PCA Cutaneous Hydration Toner retails $40. Purchases Use the Linking below: 

Dermstore | PCA Cutaneous | Amazon

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